The Luxury Spirit




Bob Burnette- Vocals, Guitar

George Sweet- Bass, Keys, Cello

Matt Aycock- Percussion

Tyler Larson - Lead Guitar


The Luxury Spirit is an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Asheville, NC. Moments of slight progressive leanings and shoe-gaze daydreaming can be heard in their sound with spacey melodic rock and major key melancholia. Drawing heavily on the sounds from their youth with bands like Hum, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Dinosaur Jr they craft huge songs with lush arrangements.

Originally a recording project in college, the band evolved and became fully formed in 2010. Clubs like the Emerald Lounge, Lexington Ave Brewery, and The Grey Eagle are places to catch their rapturous performances. 


Luxury Spirit's live show is always something new....the band is a four piece with a huge, wailing sound. For smaller shows, Bob and George will do an acoustic performance with cellos and keyboards. Improvisation is something the band does not shy away from during their live set. Often songs become transformed on stage. 


Following the debut of their first album "Mackey Tapes" released in 2011, the band is set to release their newest album "Forgotten Albatross" in August 2013. The album reflects a change in direction for the band with the addition of lead guitarist Tyler Larson. This is a guitar rock album plain and simple. The bands former work saw stylistic changes from track to track, but Albatross is focused on delivering huge epic rocking. Textures are added with deep Moog buzzing and some minimal string production to deliver the familiarity of the past, but new waters are ventured for the sake of exploration and expansion. 




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